Augmented Reality(AR)


  • Augmented Reality demands a very resourceful Computer Vision engine backing it
  • Detecting an image with precision and high speed is fundamental
  • Thousands of images need to be processed in a fraction of a second to ensure smooth localization of the augmented object


  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence Engines employing Unsupervised Machine Learning techniques can speed up the processing of thousands of images by clustering them according to similarity
  • Computer Vision Engines are fine tuned for fast and accurate detection and redetection
  • Advanced techniques like hashing are utilized to ensure versatility of the platform and to avoid duplicate images getting uploaded into the databases


  • Accurate detection of the target image to be augmented, even when the image is rotated, flipped or blurred
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning techniques enable fast detection of the target image from thousands of images by predicting the cluster the target belongs to
  • Seamless tracking of the target image serves an impeccably immersive experience to the users