What We Are

Who we are 

Curvelogics has a dexterous team of people who have held leadership roles in top-tier MNCs. Our team has a talent pool across the STEM spectrum, with above 20% of the staff holding Post Docs or PhDs, 60% holding Masters Degrees and the rest having Graduate Degrees. With a combination of seasoned professionals and vibrant freshers who have been moulded by our AI ecosystem, we take on any advanced technology research with conviction.


What we do

We, as an AI Company, cater to businesses spread across different geographies. Working on disruptive technologies primarily concentrating on Artificial Intelligence and other Data Technologies, we own the expertise in converting R&D level technologies to Production grade. Our fields of proficiency include Computer Vision and Generative Image Processing, Natural Language Processing and Data Extraction, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modelling among others, serving industries like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Agri-Tech and more.


How we work with customers

Value for our customers with a superior customer experience is the uncompromising motto of our organization and we believe that business must be built on customer satisfaction and trust. The entire team works with this vision ensuring that the business of our clients surge with our services.