Other Initiatives


We are an Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics company focussing on Research and Development of state of the art technologies. Our core capabilities include Computer Vision based Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Natural Language Processing, Generative Image Processing, Sequence Modelling, among other advanced technology solutions. Curvelogics is the parent company of three other initiatives: Gnobiosys, Data Science Academy and Data Science Marketplace

Gnobiosys is focussed on Computational Genomics. The future of healthcare is hyper-personalization of medicine . Computational Genomics can identify the genetic factors responsible for certain medical conditions helping predict the diseases one is vulnerable to.  Not only does the genetic analysis help diagnose medical conditions, but also aids identifying its severity and figuring out the right drug and dosage for a person. Also the genetic traits passed on to the next generation can be studied, like male pattern baldness, digit ratio and so on.

Data Science Academy is our training wing providing high quality hands-on training on some of the most advanced and sought after industry skills such as  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Deep Learning,  Data Visualization, Cloud Computing. Through Online, Classroom and Corporate trainings and hands on projects and internships, we have developed an exceptional ecosystem conducive to invigorate research in AI, upskilling the people currently working in the IT industry with AI expertise and providing the freshers with essential industry exposure to get placed in the best firms in the industry.

Data Science Marketplace 

With all our initiatives in the Research, Development and Training in AI, we have a vast network of AI enthusiasts and Data Science practitioners. The design of Data Science Marketplace is to bring these talents together as a resource pool. As the world nowadays is headed in the direction of AI with practically every business trying to bring in AI components, firms can come to this marketplace to onboard people with sufficient AI experience and exposure.