Computer Vision in Mall Management

Malls being places frequented by people, advanced analytics of data can provide valuable insights on ways to efficiently manage the malls at the same time ensuring a seamless and pleasant experience for the customers, more so in the post Covid era where so many measures are to be put in place to ensure personal safety of customers and staff. Determining the peak time helps not only in assessing the human resource requirement but also to set up measures to efficiently manage the crowd.  Keeping items routinely bought together by customers can check the unwanted extension of customer dwell time, ameliorating crowd build up, especially during rush hours. Apart from this, awareness of customer dwell time in different sections of the mall helps floor planning.


Advanced Computer Vision based technologies can be brought in to systematically solve these issues. Queue build up can be analyzed using surveillance camera footage, notifying the staff to take necessary actions. Footfall calculated from these footage can help calculate peak times in a day, and also to analyze dwell time. Real time analysis of video footage can also pick up suspicious activities by customers.