Satellite Imagery


  • Tracking ships in sea
  • Detecting encroachment, illegal constructions, Urban expansion
  • Estimating terrain changes
  • Detecting Vegetation cover
  • Water body analysis
  • Forest fire tracking


  • Computer Vision based Artificial Intelligence can not only detect ships from satellite images but also track their trajectory. The type of vessel can also be identified from these images, aiding in estimating the good/materials being transported to and from  a particular port
  • Satellite images can be analyzed using Computer Vision to detect buildings. This in turn can be used to find out  illegal constructions and encroachments. Moreover, a time series analysis can be done on a a sequence of satellite images of a particular place over a time period to do analysis like ascertain the expansion of urban areas and slums.
  • Changes in vast terrains in time due to manual and natural reasons can be detected and analyzed using satellite images
  • The expansion and shrinkage of vegetation cover over a particular area and changes happening to water bodies can be analyzed using time series analysis of satellite imagery over that area. Incidents like spreading of forest fire can be tracked in real time aiding in evacuation and rescue


  • Tracking ships in sea is an expensive affair requiring special transponder data. Using Computer Vision, this can be done using just satellite images. Multiple vessels can be tracked at a time. Detecting the type of vessel can provide insights into whether the ship is cargo ship or passenger ship. Also by detecting certain features of the ships and the dock, the type of material being transported can also be detected.
  • Encroachments and illegal constructions are usually detected manually by authorized personnel visiting the place. This is both cumbersome and time consuming. Using Computer Vision, a vast area can be analyzed, finding out multiple violations simultaneously, cutting down both time and manpower requirements.  Computer Vision combined with time series analysis is very powerful in figuring our urban expansion, enabling the authorities to foresee the measured need to be taken.
  • Analyzing the changes in terrain is tedious when done manually by experts, but Computer Vision enable Artificial Intelligence can do this much faster and in a more accurate manner when provided with satellite images of a place over time.
  • Figuring out the expansion or shrinkage of natural resources like vegetation and water bodies also is a time consuming process when done manually, but using Computer Vision, this can be done rapidly, and when coupled with time series analysis, actionable amount of insight can be gathered in a fast and accurate manner.